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 About us-Linyi Su Kang daily necessities Co., Ltd.


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                Welcom toLinyi Su Kang daily necessities Co., Ltd.
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                About us

                Linyi sukang daily necessities Co. Ltd., located in Shandong Province, Linyi City Economic Development Zone, is committed to control the oil pot, salt control spoon, seasoning cans, kit, kit and other health providers integrated health promotion products R & D, production and sales. Health products: 75 grams, 250 grams, 525 grams of oil can control various specifications, control salt spoon, seasoning cans, seasoning cans of various specifications of quantitative, kit, kit, pedometer, waist foot, health six sets, eight sets of health, health and other health toolbox support tool; BMI body mass index table, chronic disease risk calculation of large rotary disc 000 step activity, calculating disc exercise intensity, eating balancing turntable, turntable turntable 20 several health benefits of quitting smoking index, pagoda stick charts, fat content measurement card and other health propaganda. Meet the requirements of different activities and different occasions of health promotion. The quality of products reached and exceeded the national industry standards.

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                Address: Hedong District Economic Development Zone No. 623, Shandong, Linyi

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