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 About us-临沂鸭脖娱乐棋牌日用品有限公司


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                Linyi Sukang Commodity Co., Ltd. is located in Linyi Economic Development Zone, Shandong Province. Its products mainly serve public health promotion. Health propaganda products include: 75g, 250g, 525G oil kettle, salt spoon of various specifications, condiment pot, quantitative condiment pot, pedometer, waist circumference ruler, six sets of health, eight sets of health, health tool storage box and other health support tools; BMI large turntable, chronic disease risk large turntable, 10,000-step activity calculation disk, exercise intensity calculation disk, eating dynamic balance large turntable, stop. More than 20 kinds of health index turntables, such as tobacco benefits turntable, dietary pagoda wall map, fat content measurement card and other health promotional materials. To meet the health promotion requirements of different activities and different occasions. The product quality has reached and exceeded the national industry standards.


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                地址: 山东 临沂市河东区 经济开发区养马庄340号